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Business type: Manufacturer
Products/Services: Nutriceutical Skincare products/ OEM
Established: 2006 

Total Vitacare Co.,Ltd. was established by a professional couple (a chemical engineer and a pharmacist) backed up
by many years of expertise in the industry of naturally sourced cosmeceutical products. The company was founded ideally
to create natural, safe and effective product range for health and beauty benefits. As part of the company's mission,
the company provides consultations to customers in developing new products, in building new understanding
and perspective about nutriceuticals with complete confidence. 



Company Overview:

  • Finished Product Manufacture
  • OEM
  • Wholesale and Retail 


  • To provide products with maximum efficacy by blending science, innovation and nature together
  • To formulate quality skincare products in order to foster a community of healthy skin inspired people
  • To be informative on the mechanisms, functions and properties of raw materials that will bring the most effective natural solutions to the consumers' skin problems
  • To provide assistance to clients regarding regulatory affairs issues
  • To offer minimal order quantities for good quality at reasonable cost




29 October 2018

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